Hypnotherapy is effective. Results may vary and success is not guaranteed. Full client commitment is important and the client will want to make changes.

Alex Brounger Hypnotherapist | Cirencester & Stroud

Please Note: I am currently extremely busy with clients so I am unable to take on any new clients until the beginning of January when I will take on a small number of additional clients. If you would like to book an Initial Consultation for early January please contact me at your earliest convenience. If you would prefer I put you in contact with someone who can see you earlier than that please contact me and I will be happy to make a recommendation.


"​Hi Alex, I am doing well at the moment so I don't need to come and see you regularly any more. This is great news and thank you so much for your help. You have changed my life!​"



"​I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help so far. I am genuinely feeling so confident and positive about never betting again. This past month has made me realise the things I have in life and that I need to focus on them more and appreciate what I have. So thanks again you have been brilliant. Looking forward to seeing you again Wednesday.​"



"​I am very much looking forward to 2018 and all that it holds for me. I feel that the sessions I had with you have given great insight into me as a person and what I can achieve in my life. My sleeping has improved, I am gradually increasing time spent on Yoga, my sense of balance has improved dramatically, I no longer think that I may trip on a kerb!

At this moment in time I do not feel that I need to have more sessions with you. I thank you for those that I did have and the continuing excellent effect they are having.​"



"​...thank you to you for all you did for me. You got me into a place where I could weigh up what needed attention .I am grateful"



"You won't find a more professional or dedicated Hypnotherapist than Alex. He is so reassuring, if you are even thinking about trying Hypnotherapy it is worth talking to him. He was an enormous help to me.​"



"​Alex is truly excellent at what he does. His soothing manner enables one to relax, identify the problem and then sort it out. Highly recommended!​"



"I would strongly recommend Alex to anyone out there who might be struggling with anxiety (although he also looks at a lot more!) Alex helped me no end and inspired me to go on and train to be a hypnotherapist too - this stuff works and Alex is your man if you want the best."



Alex Brounger HPD DHP MNCH (Acc.) – Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist based at Cirencester and Stroud in Gloucestershire.

Within easy reach of Dursley, Gloucester, Kemble, Malmesbury, Nailsworth, Stonehouse, Tetbury and surrounding areas.

Registered with the Hypnotherapy Directory and owner of The Stroud Hypnotherapy Practice.